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Who can drive on fleet insurance?

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Fleet insurance policies are typically set up in one of two ways that will determine who can drive on a policy. This is according to NimbleFins, an insurance site that offers readers the chance to get fleet insurance quotes. While every insurer is different, this article will explain how vehicle drivers on a fleet policy are usually defined.

Firstly, “named driver” policies will require details of each driver who will be driving the vehicles within the fleet. To cover different types of vehicles (vans, cars, etc.), applicants will also need to specify which vehicles each driver might operate. While it can be an administrative nightmare to remember who is and isn’t covered for each vehicle, a named driver policy can be cheaper as insurers can more accurately assess the risk of the drivers within the fleet.

The other option is an “any driver” policy. These typically state the minimum age of the drivers allowed to drive the vehicles, usually over-21, over-25 and over-30. Naturally, insurers see older drivers as less risky, so the same policy would be cheaper with an over-30 rule than an over-21 rule, for example.

Any driver policies can be more expensive, as the insurer doesn’t know exactly who is getting behind the wheel. Remember that they’ll still want to know details about any prior claims or convictions your drivers have had, which can increase the cost of your policy significantly, even if the majority of your drivers have never been involved in an incident. In this event, consider keeping any drivers with a record on separate insurance policies to avoid them increasing overall costs too much.

While they are more expensive, any driver policies can help avoid the risk of drivers being behind the wheel of a vehicle for which they’re not insured. It’ll allow drivers to swap vehicles regularly without having to contact the insurer, saving time and keeping your business ticking along if they do need to vehicle swap for whatever reason.

Named drivers on fleet insurance to keep costs low

Naming drivers on a fleet insurance policy can be an excellent way to help keep costs low. It’ll allow the insurance company to create an accurate risk profile of everybody who is going to be driving the vehicles, meaning they won’t have to charge more to account for the risk of the unknown to which an any driver policy can expose them.

Keep in mind that if a business expands, then new staff will also need to be named on a policy if they’re going to be driving the vehicles. A business that would rather avoid spending time updating the insurance each time a staff member comes or goes consider an any driver policy. As the name suggests, it’ll cover any driver who meets the insurer’s criteria to drive the vehicles in the fleet.

Any driver fleet insurance for peace of mind

Fleet insurance any driver policies are ideal for businesses where drivers regularly swap vehicles. This would include transport services, couriers or furniture removal companies, where a staff member isn’t tied to one vehicle specifically.

They’re a great way to avoid the administrative time and costs that a named driver policy can create, as it’s not necessary to add new drivers to the policy in order for them to be covered. It can provide peace of mind, too, by removing the worry that somebody isn’t insured for a fleet vehicle they’re driving.

Fleet insurance discounts for drivers over 25 years old

Fleet insurance any driver over 25 policies are just like a regular any driver policy, except anyone who gets behind the wheel of a fleet vehicle must be over the age of 25. Younger drivers are seen as more likely to be involved in an incident by insurers, and so some providers may insist that nobody under a certain age is covered to drive a vehicle within the fleet. Business willing to agree to the age restriction can often secure a discount on their fleet insurance.

While it may seem unnecessary to state, a business that signs up for an over 25 policy must make sure it’s enforced. If under 25’s are caught behind the wheel then the coverage will likely be invalidated, and in the event of an accident, the business could be left with an expensive bill to cover.

Fleet insurance for any driver over 18

A fleet insurance any driver over 18 policy simply means that anybody under the age of 18 is not covered to drive vehicles within the fleet. These policies are harder to find, as most any driver policies start from over-21. If an over 18 policy is needed it’s likely that a specialist broker will be required to sort out a policy.

A named driver policy can make a good alternative to a hard-to-find or expensive over-18 fleet policy. Or one particular young driver would be covered by their own policy while the rest of the drivers are covered by a fleet policy with a higher age limit.

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