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Why your website needs an SSL certificate now!


Google recently launched a new version of its Chrome web browser with the aim of improving internet security through the use of SSL website security certificates. With this in mind, the team at Bluehoop Digital are encouraging business owners to take on board the increased importance of ensuring the security of their websites is up to scratch.

The subject of internet security seems to crop up regularly at the moment and the importance of ensuring websites are as safe as possible is widely recognised. However, as Bluehoop have discovered, despite the recent update to the Google Chrome browser, many business owners are failing to recognise the importance of SSL website security certificates.

Gareth Lisle, Director of Bluehoop Digital, explains: “In layman’s terms an SSL (or Secure Sockets Layer) is the way in which your information is shared securely with other websites. An SSL will create an encrypted connection between your visitor’s browsers and your hosting server. In effect an SSL acts as a behind the scenes ‘handshake’.

“To enable businesses to secure information which is sent between their visitors and their web server, an SSL certificate must be installed and configured on their website. Without an SSL certificate, businesses risk exposing data they have sent to the wider internet.”

Not only does SSL have an impact upon the security of a website though, it can also have a detrimental effect on customer confidence. “Failure to ensure that an SSL certificate is in place will mean that Google marks any pages which include search bars, contact forms or any other text input forms as ‘NOT SECURE’. Clearly this is likely to have an impact on the way potential customers or clients feel about a website and could well encourage them to look elsewhere,” added Gareth.

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