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Wood-fuel Specialist Gets Its Teeth Stuck Into Growth

The Pezzalato wood processor in the Logs Direct yard.

Wood-fuel specialist, Logs Direct, has invested in one of the biggest wood processors in Britain, as it gets its teeth stuck into a mission to expand the business and create new job opportunities.

A new Pezzalato TLC 1000 compact firewood processor is now partnering with the Lancaster firm’s existing, seven-year-old Pinosa processor, to tackle the winter mission of keeping homes across the country warm and cosy.

The Pezzalato is already pulling its 6000kg weight in the yard, where it can be operated by just one person and work manually, or in automatic mode. It is now working in harness with the other processor, getting through 40 tonnes of wood per day and adding to the 30 tonnes per day handled by the Pinosa.

The Pezzalato can pick up 4-metre lengths of tree, cut them into rings with a disc that bears hard, metal-tipped teeth, and then divide those rings into triangular-sized logs that are perfectly sized for a fire or woodburner.

The desired cutting length can be determined by the operator and the machine can split, position and process everything safely, due to great visibility around the processor. The Pezzalato can also exclude wood bundles not needing to be split and has a load-sensing control system that helps reduce energy consumption.

Speaking about the company’s new investment, Logs Direct’s sales director, Stephen Talbot, says: “The Pezzalato will help take our business to the next level, giving us much greater capacity to not only keep up with peak demand in winter, but expand our market and deliver more ready-to-burn, top quality firewood to homeowners and also more of our speciality woods.

“The investment in this equipment comes following our purchase of a second Swedish Ariterm BioComp 200, 1.5-tonne biomass boiler with integral 2-tonne kiln unit, so we are now able to process more wood and ensure that it can all be kiln-dried on site.

“We expect to create more job opportunities in 2019, which has to be great news for employment in the local area.”