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Wood Specialist Logs Nominations in Warming Winter Gesture

A wood fuel specialist has created a warming winter gesture, to deliver welcome heat to one deserving home.

Logs Direct, based in Lancaster but delivering its wood UK-wide, is seeking nominations for a deserving person, who warms their home with wood and who would benefit from a free supply of a one cubic metre crate of top quality, kiln-dried wood that should last them through several winter months.

The company is now trying to find out who could do with a helping hand in this way this year and why the person nominating them believes they deserve to have a little kindness come their way.

The recipient could be elderly, suffering from ill health, or struggling financially – or all of these things put together. They could just be a very kind person too proud to admit that every bit of good fortune helps and deserving of this heating bonus because of all the kind things they do for others. They may just need a boost, given all that has happened in 2020. The reasons for nominating are varied.

As Logs Direct delivers to customers across the country, nominations can come from any location. The wood is ready-to-burn and does not need to be seasoned. It will just need to be stored in a dry location, to keep it in tip-top condition through the winter.

Anyone wishing to nominate a deserving recipient of the wood and Logs Direct’s warm generosity, just needs to email the name and address of the person they wish to nominate for the wood delivery and the reason why. They should give their own contact details and their relationship to the nominee and email their nomination, by the closing date of November 23, to Logs Direct.

Logs Direct will consider all nominations before deciding on a winner and delivering the wood in early December, well in time for Christmas. The wood would normally cost £175, so should enable the recipient to put some money away for something else, other than heating.

Logs Direct’s sales director, Stephen Talbot, says: “We hope this initiative will take the strain off one deserving individual or family, at what is a difficult and unprecedented time. It might just provide one less thing to worry about and a way to stay safe and warm at home. We look forward to hearing who might need our help.”

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