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Yorkshire business helps schools add sustainability to the curriculum

Yorkshire business, British Recycled Plastic, is helping schools to teach students the important principles of sustainability, with their range of recycled plastic raised beds.
Last year, West Kirby School and College came to British Recycled Plastic looking for sustainable solutions to utilise across their newly developed horticulture area.

British Recycled Plastic work to promote recycled plastic as a sustainable material, transforming UK agricultural plastic waste into recycled plastic products: their work challenges the misconception that all plastic waste is a problem.

By implementing their own processes of best practice, and adopting a circular economy for plastics, their production is entirely sustainable, helping the schools they work with to add the subject of sustainability into the curriculum.

Luke Cowell, Operations Director of West Kirby School and College said: “In 2020, we invested in raised beds, looking for a long-term, sustainable solution across the School’s Horticulture area. We opted for standing height beds, to make them easier for the pupils to work with.

We’re really pleased with the quality of the beds. They support the environmental ethos at the school, whilst being hard wearing and natural looking.”

Miss Harris, Horticulture Teacher of West Kirby School and College said: “The recycled plastic raised beds are great! Practically, they’re easy for planting and weeding. And the growth has been absolutely brilliant in them.”

Jason Elliott, Managing Director of British Recycled Plastic said:

“We’re pleased that our recycled plastic raised beds are helping students not only explore horticulture and self-sufficiency but understand the important principles of recycling and sustainability too.

The safe disposal of plastics is a global challenge that our young people are certain to inherit. Perhaps they’ll be inspired to help make the future a little more sustainable.”
Of the 381 million tons of plastic produced globally each year, around only 9% is recycled. 40% of the remaining plastic waste goes to landfill, a devastating 32% is leaked into the environment and the rest is incinerated or lost to the inconsistencies of the current recycling process.

Ensuring that the UK’s young minds understand the importance of sustainability, and adopting a circular economy for plastics, is essential if we’re to safely manage the accelerating flow of plastics entering our economy and environment, and protect our planet for years to come.

Recycled plastic raised beds are a perfect way for schools to weave this essential learning into the curriculum, and British Recycled Plastic wants to help more schools extend these important lessons to children across the country.

British Recycled Plastic offer their sustainable raised beds in kit form and in a wide variety of sizes, stacking and dispatching the recycled plastic lumber on single pallets, making distribution easy, no matter the size of your space.

These recycled plastic raised beds provide schools with a long-term, cost-effective solution and last far longer than their timber equivalents, which begin to rot away as soon as they’re put in place and need to be replaced regularly.

British Recycled Plastic’s chemically inert, weatherproof, and incredibly durable, recycled plastic raised beds will never rot, split or splinter and are resistant to the growth of mould and algae, helping them to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for decades.

Recycled plastic raised beds offer remarkably low lifetime costs, require no maintenance, and are resistant to vandalism, making them a great choice for schools.

Bring the important subject of sustainability to life in your school, with recycled plastic raised beds.