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Yorkshire engineering firm commissioned by global company to deliver major upgrades to London manufacturing plant

Left to Right: Scott McAlpine (GWF Engineering MD), George Dyer (Johnson Matthey Brimsdown Site Manager), Chris Oldroyd (Inprotec MD), Will Taylor (Johnson Matthey Plant Improvement Manager), John Startin (Johnson Matthey Smelting Manager) in front of the Short Rotary Furnace

A Yorkshire-based pyrometallurgical engineering firm has been commissioned by a world leader in managing, recycling and fabricating platinum group metals, to deliver a number of significant upgrades to its manufacturing plant in London.

Normanton-based Inprotec will manage the upgrades to Johnson Matthey’s Brimsdown plant over the next 12 months as part of a six-figure contract.

Inprotec will renew key equipment used throughout the recovery and production process in order to improve reliability and process control and ensure the plant is best placed to meet constantly evolving demands.

As part of the project, Inprotec has worked with Scunthorpe-based GWF Engineering to create a Short Rotary Furnace, 3.5 metres in length, which will be used for the smelting of precious metals, supplementing the existing furnaces at the site.

Additionally, Inprotec is also carrying out major upgrades to the combustion system that feeds a series of hard-working smelting furnaces, known as Top Blown Rotary Converters.

Commenting on the project, Chris Oldroyd, managing director of Inprotec, said: “We’ve provided Johnson Matthey with specialist pyrometallurgical plant used to recover precious metals for over 20 years now and we’re delighted to have been commissioned to support with this latest raft of hi-tech improvements.

“As with any hard-working industrial plant, it’s vital that it’s maintained and upgraded on a regular basis in order to address any issues of wear and tear and ensure it remains efficient and reliable.

“Furnaces and the technologies that power them lie at the heart of any metal retrieval process and the significant upgrades our team of specialists is delivering will ensure Johnson Matthey continues to be a world leader in managing, recycling and fabricating precious metals, such as platinum and gold.”

George Dyer, site manager at Johnson Matthey’s Brimsdown plant, said: “As part of our commitment to providing our customers with quality products that meet a diverse range of needs, we’re continually investing in our plant to develop and improve its industry leading capabilities.

“The expertise, attention to detail and service Inprotec offers is unrivalled and we’re delighted to be working with them once again on this latest round of improvements, which will ensure we’re able to more effectively and efficiently manage the metal recovery and production processes.”

Inprotec is a family-run engineering business which started in 1977 as G.A. Oldroyd, named after its founder, Garry. In 2010, Garry’s son, Chris, took over the reins and renamed the business Inprotec as part of a rebrand, with the company moving to a bespoke manufacturing facility in Normanton shortly afterwards. It specialises in the design and supply of pyrometallurgical process plant used to recover lead and precious metals and works with clients all over the world.

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