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Yorkshire start-up fashion brand exceeds Kickstarter campaign by 300%

A Yorkshire-based fashion start-up has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal by 300%.

Men’s jewellery brand, Arder & Perrell has secured £5,986 for its flagship product; a unique collection of handmade bracelets, created using twelve metals from the periodic table of elements.

The range is the world’s most extensive collection of element-based jewellery and includes metals such as titanium, iron, tungsten, rhodium, silver, gold and many more.

Founded in 2019, an Arder & Perrell piece is handmade in the UK and features a mechanical closure and braided nappa leather. The bracelets are available until 28th February 2019, when the Kickstarter project will end.

The collection has taken inspiration from the birth of the universe and each element has unique characteristics, which can correspond to the wearer’s style and personality. Each accessory is marked with its atomic number and symbol, as per the periodic table.

Each piece also includes a complementary engraving service to personalise the product with a meaningful statement or symbol to the wearer.

Co-founder of Arder & Perrell, Sean Sykes commented:

“We wanted to create something that connected people to the world around them, focussing on the building blocks of the universe. The elements make up everyone that has ever existed, so this is an opportunity to connect to that, to find your place in the world and in the universe.

“Intended to be a subtle addition to any outfit, the piece sits discreetly on the wrist, the only giveaway of its presence is the shine and glimmer of the polished surface.”

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