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Yorkshire superfast internet connection vouchers

Superconnected Cities

From 1st April 2015; SMEs in the South Yorkshire region – just as is the case for West Yorkshire SMEs and those in areas of North Yorkshire – will have access to funds of up to £3,000 each to pay for the installation costs associated with Fibre & Leased Line products. Whilst the capability to upgrade to Fibre & Leased Line connections have been possible in the area, this will be the first time that businesses are able to make use of available Government funding.

So far over 2,000 businesses in the West Yorkshire area have taken advantage of the scheme and in most cases; the funds available cover the entire installations with no excess charges to pay.

Enhanced connections can open new avenues for SMEs, with cloud computing becoming more accessible, Voice over IP (VoIP) internet telephony being more stable; and being able to sell products online just to name a few benefits.
Products available include Fibre (FTTC) which can offer an uncontended service with download speeds of up to 80Mb/s; and range up to Leased Line, Wireless, and EFM products that exceed 100Mb/s in download and upload speeds.

Whilst the scheme is set to run until March 2016 there are limits on the funding available and so if interested in getting Superconnected now is certainly the time to do so!

For further information on Superfast broadband, to see what products are available in the area, or to apply for the scheme with Time Communications, please email [email protected], call on 0113 205 9640, or see www.time-tele.com.