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Yorkshire Water invests £1.1m in staff safety

Yorkshire Water invest in staff safety

Blackline’s G7 Insight programme to deliver industry’s first and only location-enabled data analytics software for county’s field-based workforce.

Yorkshire Water has placed a £1.1m order for Blackline Safety (TSXV: BLN) connected safety products and services, through Blackline Safety Europe’s distribution partner, Breathe Safety.

Yorkshire Water is the latest company to protect its workface from the risk of environmental gas exposure to flammable, toxic and asphyxiating gases while delivering water services to over five million homes and a quarter of a million businesses in the region.

Under this order, Colchester-based global connected safety technology leaders, Blackline Safety Europe will deliver it’s G7c detectors with integrated 3G wireless alongside a five-year G7 Insight service programme. The services include cloud-hosted software with automated configuration management, regulatory compliance tools and location-enabled data analytics.

The devices are being rolled out as of 1st March 2019.

Phil Stubley, Contract Manager at Yorkshire Water said;

“We are really excited to roll out the Blackline G7c product across Yorkshire Water through our newly awarded contract with Breathe Safety.”

Helen Keeling, Health and Safety Manager at Yorkshire Water added;

“The Blackline G7c will replace our current fleet of monitors, and we are looking forward to the benefits and safety enhancements these new devices will bring as we develop a better understanding of our H2S issues.”

“From our market research, Blackline are real industry leaders and have completely redesigned the way we think about gas monitoring.”

To keep their field teams safe, Breathe Safety helped Yorkshire Water evaluate and approve the best safety monitoring technology available.

Adam Moodie, General Manager at Breathe Safety comments:

“By deploying Blackline’s G7c personal detector, Yorkshire Water will solve the regulatory compliance reporting challenge once and for all. With the G7 Insight programme, it’s easy to confirm that G7c devices are properly tested, calibrated and being used appropriately by personnel.”

“Blackline’s data analytics software provides Yorkshire Water with never-seen-before insights into their gas detection programme,” said Gavin Boorman, Managing Director at Blackline Safety Europe. “All data reported from employee-worn G7c gas monitors seamlessly uploads to the cloud-hosted Blackline Safety Network.

“Yorkshire Water can efficiently access and visualise data from every device in the field with help from over ten automatic reports. With a few clicks of their mouse, the Yorkshire health and safety team can see every calibration, plus they can map the location of every low-level gas reading in order to proactively plan appropriate actions.”