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Yorkshire’s first major cycle expo joins the fight for sustainability

Yorkshire’s first major cycle expo joins the fight for sustainability

A cycling and sportswear brand that makes its clothing from recycled plastic bottles is to showcase its eco-friendly credentials at Yorkshire’s biggest cycling show later this year.

GRN Sportswear Ltd will be promoting its new bespoke teamwear brand, Presca, at the event. The company, which prides itself on creating ethically-made sportswear sustainably manufactured in the UK, has joined a long list of leading cycling names at Cycle Expo Yorkshire, which takes place over three days in Harrogate in October.

Presca says it can use as few as seven plastic bottles to create one cycling jersey and their bib shorts are made from 95% recycled materials, which can include washed-up fishing nets. They’re excited to be joining a host of other top names at the show, including the likes of Jet2Holidays, HSBC British Cycling, Ekoi, Jackal Trick and Raleigh.

Peter Lillie, co-founder of Presca Teamwear and GRN Sportswear Ltd, said: “Cycle Expo Yorkshire is going to be a fantastic event and we’re really thrilled to see the organisers place sustainability at the top of their agenda. It’s obviously a matter close to our heart and we are proud to play our role in helping not just this event, but the sports industry as a whole become more aware of its environmental responsibilities.”

GRN Sportswear Ltd’s involvement in the event is part of Cycle Expo’s wider efforts for Cycle Expo Yorkshire to hold an environmentally-conscious event. There will an extensive bike library where people can borrow used and donated bikes. Attendees will be encouraged to bring their own old bikes to assist with the scheme.

All donated bikes will be repaired and recycled and given to a new home. By encouraging people to get out of their cars and into the saddle, the bike library helps reduce carbon emissions and reduces waste going into landfill.

The venue itself, Harrogate’s Yorkshire Event Centre, has made a major commitment, recently adding a suite of eco-friendly features, including solar panelling and new doors made entirely from recycled bottles.

Charlotte Scoular from Cycle Expo Yorkshire said: “Sustainability is something that is really important to us. The use of plastic in the sporting industry has been widely discussed and we hope that by showing our support we can blaze the trail in making steps to ensure sporting events are more sustainable.

“It’s great to have a brand like GRN Sportswear Ltd on board to help us in our bid to make Cycle Expo Yorkshire a celebration of all things cycling and sustainable.”

Cycle Expo Yorkshire is set to welcome 20,000 cycling enthusiasts to Harrogate’s Yorkshire Event Centre (YEC) from 12-14 October 2018.

Tickets for the Cycle Expo Yorkshire are on sale now. Companies interested in exhibiting can also get further information at www.cycleexpo.co.uk

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