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YPS Introduce a 100% Recyclable Barrier Shrink Film For Poultry

In an industry first, Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS) are proud to announce the launch of a widely recyclable shrink film solution for the whole bird market in conjunction with Bollore, the world pioneering manufacturer in shrink film technology, for whom YPS are the sole UK distributor. Responding to the demands of their poultry customers, the packaging duo have conducted intensive research and development in order to launch to the UK market their revolutionary 20mu ‘R-OXBTEC’, a 100% recyclable, food contact-safe, barrier shrink film product. Unlike any other poultry film currently on the market, the recyclability of this dedicated film is classified as SPI 04, meaning it can be recycled at large stores as well as at some kerbsides and that packs are eligible to display an official OPRL recycling symbol.

R-OXBTEC represents a holy grail for the poultry market, for whom widespread recyclability of suitable films has until now been thwarted by EVOH barrier layers, rendering them recyclable only to SPI 07. The introduction of R-OXBTEC to the UK market allows poultry producers to ‘close the loop’ with their packaging, facilitating the regranulation of these shrink films back into new films, equating to a lower long-term dependence on virgin plastic resources.

This release could not be more timely for the poultry market. The EU recently unveiled its Plastic Pact Policy to ensure that all plastics are fully recyclable by 2030 whilst consumers across the UK are calling continuously for more eco-friendly packaging. As such, YPS and Bollore are pleased to be leading the way with poultry packaging solutions, spearheading the development of ever-more ‘green’ barrier films and future-proofing their use in mass poultry production.

R-OXBTEC also boasts a glossy, tightly shrunk appearance, anti-fog properties, fully hermetic seals to prevent leakage or contamination, printing possibilities and extended shelf life with the presence of MAP.

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