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Fairfield HR is a people-focused HR services company based in Skipton, serving clients all over the UK but predominantly North and West Yorkshire. We believe that HR is more than ‘just’ policies and procedures and that it is about bringing out the best in people so they can flourish.

We are passionate about people and support businesses to create and maintain a nurturing environment for their employees. We take a bespoke and personal approach to our services, offering a range of HR services, coaching, and wellbeing support tailored to each client’s needs.

We pride ourselves on our fresh approach to HR, combining a strong legal background with a holistic approach to HR that ensures clients are compliant and efficient while still having fun. We have a diverse client base.

We offer day to day HR services including compliance audits, drafting contracts and handbooks, support with attendance and performance issues, recruitment, and HR software management. We also offer project-based services such as succession planning, job evaluations, employee wellbeing, culture development, reward and recognition, performance management processes, employee engagement, and compensation and benefits. Additionally, we provide value-adding services such as coaching, training, mental health workshops and mindset work.



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