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Our copyright takedown policy

All news, articles and images (content) published on this website have been shared with us by contributors that include PR agencies, marketing agencies and other businesses. Content is either emailed to us as press releases or submitted directly to this website. Where content is uploaded directly to our website, our process includes confirmation by the contributor that they have explicit permission from any copyright owner to share it.

If we are notified of a possible breach of copyright the news article will be removed as quickly as possible to allow us to carry out further investigation.

How to notify us about possible copyright issues:

If you have found content that is unlawful, please contact us by email including the following details:

  • Your full contact details
  • The website address / URL where you found the content
  • Full information about your complaint including evidence of ownership and infringement
  • Let us know if you are the copyright owner or if you have been authorised to act for the copyright owner

Our takedown process:

  1. We’ll respond to your notification by email and include an initial assessment of its validity.
  2. If we initially believe that the content represents a copyright infringement we’ll act as quickly as possible to remove it pending additional investigation.
  3. We’ll contact the contributor/source of the content to notify them that their news item is subject to a copyright complaint and the reason for this complaint. We will provide the contributor with full information about the complaint and the copyright owner and we will give the contributor the opportunity to refute the complaint.
  4. If the contributor cannot refute a complaint within 30 days of notification, the complaint will be upheld.
  5. Content that is subject to a complaint will not be made available again until the contributor has proven to our satisfaction that it does not breach copyright law.