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Include a link & enhance the power of your news

When you send your news to Business Up North we’ll provide you with the option to include a backlink to your website.

How a backlink enhances your news & helps your business

By requesting a link when you send us your news you’ll provide readers with the opportunity to find out more about your business or your services.

A link to your website, white paper, event or resource is an opportunity to showcase your business or your authority in your sector.

A link can even provide you with an opportunity for bit of a “soft sell”. You might even want to go as far as including a “call to action” e.g “To find out more about company X take a look at their website” or, “to book your place on this event click here”.

Let your business news inspire more website clicks and more business interactions!

How do I add a backlink in my news article?

Whilst we can’t add links to articles that have already been published, when you submit future press releases or business editorial for review by our editorial team, you simply need to select the “Website link” option and we’ll do the rest!