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AlphaBiolabs surges to record as employers ramp up drug and alcohol testing for festive season

Rachel Davenport

AlphaBiolabs is on track for a record month for its workplace drug and alcohol testing business as UK employers order more random checks on their staff during the festive season.

The Warrington-based company has seen bookings for December rise 34 per cent compared with the same month last year, which was its busiest ever.
Director Rachel Davenport said existing clients have accounted for most of the increase as they step up testing as a deterrent to their workforce.

She said AlphaBiolabs, which also carries out DNA testing for The Jeremy Kyle Show, has also seen a 60 per cent rise in new customers.

Rachel said: “Our current clients are performing more scheduled, random drug and alcohol testing than ever before.

“They see the festive period as a risky season, with more people partying at this time of year, so they want the extra testing to act as a deterrent to their employees.
“Yet as well as an increase in requests for on-site testing from existing customers, we are also seeing a surge in interest from new businesses.”

She added: “Employers don’t organise testing to catch people out. Their aim is to deter them from misuse and to keep them safe.

“Because random testing takes place with little or no notice, it can have a positive impact on the workforce by keeping them on their toes.

“It also greatly reduces the chances of employees using tactics to avoid testing or change their habits to escape a positive result if they are abusing drugs or alcohol.”

Rachel said workers in safety-critical roles, such as those operating heavy machinery, are most likely to benefit from random testing programmes.

“We support industries such as aviation, construction, logistics and manufacturing, where an employee under the influence could cause significant harm to themselves, their colleagues, the public and the business itself,” she said.

“Random testing is a proven way to ensure that employees are working in a safe environment.

“It can identify abuse before an accident happens and the employer can then organise the necessary treatment.

“As such, random workplace testing is effective at reducing incidents, ill health, absenteeism and litigation, all of which have an impact on business performance.”

AlphaBiolabs has developed state-of-the-art techniques at its laboratory to provide an accurate historical record of drug or alcohol abuse. Hair strands, oral fluids, urine and fingernails can all be tested, with same-day results available.