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Back to basics: Leeds car retailer offers free massage to combat back pain

A Volvo retailer in Leeds is on a mission to tackle back pain in the local community, by inviting drivers to enjoy a free ‘car-opractor’ session.

To mark Back Care Awareness Week (7-11 October), and to promote Volvo’s ergonomic seat design, Marshall Volvo Leeds, on Sackville Approach, gifted drivers in the area a free Swedish massage this week.

The complimentary 15-minute massage session followed exclusive research by Volvo Car UK, which found that more than a third (35%) of drivers have taken at least a day off work for back pain. The findings also revealed that over half (52%) of people have suffered some form of back pain after driving to, from or for work.

The research also revealed that over half (59%) of people admit to rarely, or never, adjusting their seat to try and find a more comfortable driving position, despite over two thirds (65%) of people considering seat comfort one of, or the most, important considerations when choosing a new car. One in 10 have even had passengers refuse to ride in their vehicle because the seats are too uncomfortable.

With almost a third (29%) of people having had to see a doctor or physiotherapist for back pain after a drive, Marshall Volvo Leeds is keen to share with the community how Volvo’s latest-generation seats are designed to align with your spine for greater support.

Team members were on hand throughout the day to show drivers of all cars how to properly adjust their seat so they are sitting in the best position for comfortable and safe driving.

David Wilson, Retailer Principal at Marshall Volvo Leeds, said: “We were surprised to learn just how many people are impacted by back pain due to their driver’s seat not being sufficiently supportive or correctly adjusted, so were keen to raise awareness of this problem and offer support to drivers this Back Care Awareness Week.

“Not only is back comfort important for wellness, it is also vital for safety, since a driver who is uncomfortable may be more likely to make mistakes while driving.”

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