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Best Law Firm Accolade for Boutique Litigation Solicitors

L-R: Kevin Turnbull, Neville Takiar, TT Law

Commended for commercial dispute resolution, North East boutique litigation firm, TT Law has secured a place in The Times Best Law Firms 2020, putting it in the company of the “Magic Circle” of elite law firms and a host of other major City players. The recently published list was compiled following extensive research by international agency, Statista, who asked over 3000 solicitors in England and Wales to recommend the best law firms, excluding their own, across 26 specialist categories.

Now in its 7th year, TT Law brings together former Muckle LLP litigators Kevin Turnbull and Neville Takiar. Deciding from the outset to focus on their niche of litigation, their mantra of “in the law, big is not necessarily better”, has enabled the firm to attract an enviable portfolio of clients from across the UK.

Working with some of the biggest and best businesses in their sectors, as well as a number of the North’s most wealthy, prominent and influential figures, clients include Union Property, END., FootLocker, Zara Commercial, Lebara Mobile, Cairn Hotel Group and Alliantus Hotels.

Significant recent cases include winning a complex defamation action against a TV news broadcaster; defeating an application for pre-action disclosure in a £4m fraud claim; representing the Chairman of a high-profile sporting institution and, most recently, being instructed on a long-running case involving a political figure.

Having done no advertising, Kevin attributes the firm’s growth to what he describes as a hard-earned reputation for winning difficult cases and helping clients achieve results they are happy with. The firm has also pioneered the concept of “North-shoring”, with London City lawyers referring their so-called smaller cases and enquiries to TT Law. “It may sound odd to say but most City firms are not really geared up to work on disputes valued at under £1m, and it can be a challenge for them to do that work profitably and cost-effectively. As an owner-managed, North East based law firm, with lower operating costs, we’re far better placed to do that sort of work. The key has been earning the trust of those who are in a position to push that work our way.”

The Times recommendation comes close on the heels of another stellar write up in leading industry directory, The Legal 500 for 2020: “Led by veteran commercial litigator Kevin Turnbull, alongside ‘exceptional litigator’ Neville Takiar” it’s said “The team is technically astute with an overarching commercial awareness”.

Last year saw the launch of the Newcastle Business and Property Court benefitting the region’s thriving legal sector and the individuals and businesses it supports. At its launch event senior judicial figures pronounced that “no case is too big for Newcastle to hear”. The combination of the new Court and growing momentum of “North- shoring”, represent something of a perfect storm for enterprising and innovative firms in the region, like TT Law.

Reflecting on The Times’ listing, Kevin said “We’re very proud to have been recognised as one of the best law firms in the country. It shows how much the legal landscape has changed in a very short period of time, that a small, single-disciplinary, North East based law firm like ours, can now operate on a national stage. Very large organisations now routinely instruct firms of non-traditional shapes and sizes. We’re one of a handful of North East based law firms who have always believed that and are making it happen showing they can deliver on that trust.”

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