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Bradford company develops innovative display solutions

Bradford-based Dominion Print and its in-house design team, One19 Creative, have launched an innovative range of display solutions which create animation through a combination of advanced lighting and multi-layered printing techniques.

Dominion’s TensionPix Day-Night lightboxes comprise three different layers of prints which respond to static or motion LED lighting to produce visual transitions and effects on a single surface. The products have been developed with the use of Dominion’s large-format printing facilities and the technical skills of One19 Creative, which operates as the company’s specialist division for creative design and tech innovations, enabling it to diversify its offering in addition to traditional print. Dominion is targeting demand for its lightboxes in various sectors, including retail, leisure, events and hospitality.

Nathan Little, Operations Director at One19 Creative, said:

“In Day-Night lightboxes, the lighting and print work together to transform the appearance, tone and emotional impact of an image. We can bring text in and out, accentuate specific elements, or change the whole visual mood. Standard lightbox graphics are optimised at normal density for front-lit viewing or dark density for back-lit viewing. In contrast, our TensionPix day night lightboxes optimise density for both viewing conditions, allowing the lightbox to make use of the full spectrum of lighting and colour. We can also incorporate custom back-lit animation.”

Verity Clark, Director at Dominion Print, said:

“We are very excited about this collaboration with One19 Creative. Their team of designers and technicians have led the product development, backed by our extensive manufacturing facilities which have the capacity to produce large and super-large solutions. The result is a range of products unique to the UK market. We envisage plenty of potential applications – for example, they will provide dynamic point-of-sale displays in retail environments and equally they can help to tell a story with dramatic effect as part of a museum installation. Dominion Print already has a well-established presence in our target sectors, so we are confident about the route to the market.”

One19 Creative provides a range of other specialist services, including brand identity and design-for-manufacture, and offers an end-to-end solution to each project, from concept creation to installation. Dominion Print supplies large-format print solutions for high-profile projects in restaurants, shops, bars, banks, car showrooms and many other retail environments.