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Care Protect launches self-monitoring safeguarding service

Care Protect has expanded its services to offer a phone app that enables care providers to self-monitor ‘CCTV’ footage.

The Care Protect team installs the cameras and software but the material is accessed remotely by the care provider, using the app.

Care Protect also advises on privacy and data protection issues to ensure that residents and staff are protected.

Ben Wilson, business development director at Care Protect, said: “The whole sector acknowledges the need to ensure that residents are safe and well-cared for and camera surveillance is becoming a key part of safeguarding. However, it is important that this is done properly, considering the various legislation in place and ensuring the privacy and dignity of residents and staff.

“Whilst the installation and ongoing maintenance of camera equipment with the secure cloud-based links, plus ongoing independent expert monitoring, is the core service Care Protect offers, it has become clear that different levels of support and involvement are required by different operators.

“Care Protect has refined its services to provide support packages to suit varied needs. These range from the core monitoring and reporting process through to proactive advice, recommendations and training around quality care matters.

“The self-monitoring phone app offers an alternative to the full reviewed service and we believe it will be well received by care providers.”