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Clive Owen LLP puts mental health at the top of the agenda

Clive Owen LLP has invested in the mental health and wellbeing of its 100 staff in York, Darlington and Durham, and supported four colleagues to undertake an NVQ Level 2 in Mental Health Awareness.

Kimberley Nicholls, who works in the York office, is one of the team who achieved the qualification to become a fully trained mental health representative and first aider.

The course, delivered by Darlington-based Corporate Personal Fitness, is the only fully online NVQ in the UK that incorporates mental health first aid. Although online, the learning incorporates live webinars to enable participants to fully immerse themselves in the training.

The purpose of the qualification is to provide learners with an understanding and awareness of mental health, common mental health disorders and issues, help reduce stigma and discrimination and encourage people to talk about mental health.

The course also provides the ability to apply their knowledge of mental health through recognising and responding to the signs of mental ill health in themselves and others and be able to offer mental health first aid to people experiencing issues.

Clive Owen LLP has previously partnered with Corporate Personal Fitness for a series of seminars and webinars to ensure the firm’s culture is one of inclusion, empathy, and support. The firm recognises that good mental health is important regardless of whether a person lives with mental illness.

Rosemary Anderson, partner in the York office said: “I am delighted that my firm has embraced this important training. Mental health and wellbeing have been a major consideration to the firm for a long time and it is very rewarding to be able to train staff to this high level in this area. Our staff and clients are very important to Clive Owen LLP and not only can the skills attained while undertaking the course be applied to staff; they can also be applied to clients’ wellbeing.”

Louise Tierney, mental health coordinator at Corporate Personal Fitness, said: “In these challenging times the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce has never been so important. Having a strong and resilient team can make a critical difference to the success of a business.

“It is a pleasure to work with forward-thinking companies such as Clive Owen LLP helping them develop a programme of actions as part of their overall corporate wellbeing strategy.”

Kimberley Nicholls said: “Psychology and mental wellbeing is a topic which has always been of interest to me. It is vitally important as it is something which affects everyone. Being empathetic, considerate, and supportive to someone can really make such a difference to their outlook.

“I was keen to develop ways in which I could offer help and guidance to people who may need it and learn how to detect signs if someone is particularly struggling. I’m glad Clive Owen LLP offered us the opportunity to learn more on a subject which deserves our time and understanding.”