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When people find your company online, they need to be welcomed by strong branding and clear messages. That’s where sobananapenguin comes in, as our digital marketing specialists are highly skilled, full of ideas, quick to deliver and passionate about helping businesses to grow.

Copywriting, Blog Writing and PR

When conveyed with clarity and precision, words help us to understand, connect and take action. This means that whatever the size and nature of your business, powerful web copy will always play a central role in engaging your visitors and encouraging them to get in touch for more information. Whether it’s copywriting for an entire website, weekly blog posts, press releases or video scripts, we choose your words wisely.

Social Media Management

The world is constantly changing, bringing new ways in which we engage with brands, make enquiries and ultimately buy a product or service. Active, responsive, visually striking, well-written and valuable social media activity is essential for any business, helping to convert likes into leads. Our versatile social media packages can also include paid advertising, which place branded messages directly in front of much wider audiences in a highly effective way.

Design and Branding

From informative images that grab the attention of online followers, to the very logo that acts as your omnipresent identity, every visual element should be eye-catching and relevant to your brand. We can design for all types of organisations, as well as provide illustration, photography and video content. If you choose to combine this with our copywriting service and a social media package, you’ll find that your audience becomes significantly more refined and interactive.

Strategic Digital Marketing

Thinking of exciting methods of business promotion can be difficult. Or perhaps you have plenty of thoughts but no time to whip up a way to tie them all together. We’re ready to create a digital marketing strategy on any level, from providing bite-sized advice, to orchestrating campaigns that include print, digital, social media, pay-per-click ads, targeted emails and PR. Blending innovation with resourcefulness, we maximise impact whilst adhering to your ideal budget.

Working nationwide

Based in Hull, we work with businesses across the UK directly as well as through fellowagencies. Our content specialists provide copywriting, blog writing, social media management and graphic design services that drive web traffic, encourage interaction and build trust between the customer and the brand. If you think your digital communications need some TLC, get in touch with The Penguins for a friendly chinwag.


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Rich Sutherland
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