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Contact centre specialist unveil technology breakthrough for busy contact centres

Alex Morrison, CEO of BrightCloud Group

Leeds based BrightCloud Group, have announced the launch of CCBox Aloha V4.0, the latest iteration of their contact centre customer experience optimisation solution. CCBox V4.0 was unveiled to much fanfare at EMEAR CCX Technical Partner Summit in Amsterdam.

Developed in Leeds, the home of BrightCloud Group for around a decade, a newly expanded team worked to develop the software, which marks a huge step in contact centre technology.

After considerable investment from the core business into the area of product development, and the hard work of BrightCloud engineers, both new and long-established, CCBox V4.0 enables contact centre managers to quickly and efficiently forecast, manage and scale to the demands of a modern contact centre, in one single solution.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Alex Morrison, CEO of BrightCloud Group said “CCBox Aloha gives businesses everything they need to achieve customer experience goals, with a combination of tools that helps time-pressed contact centre managers get real actionable insight from the data coming in and going out of their contact centre.”

He continued “At the launch in Amsterdam, the product demonstration raised a few eyebrows when we showed some of CCBox’s unique offerings – like creating a bespoke wallboard (a screen showing call volumes and other data) in just 2 minutes. This normally takes several hours and requires an engineer to complete.”

What is CCBox?

Put simply, CCBox is the only single source product of its kind on the market, allowing contact centres to possess a whole host of powerful tools in one package, without having to source them from multiple suppliers.

CCBox Aloha V4.0 has three unique packages, each with a set of products chosen because of the way they work together to give contact centre managers the functionality and features they really need to get the most of their data, to improve productivity, and to remove those features that add clutter with no real business benefit. CCBox brings simplicity to the vast number of product concepts around performance, compliance, analysis, forecasting, measuring, insight and efficiency.

Everything contact centres require to perform efficiently, putting the power into their hands.

Simple products, sensibly priced, that are easy to deploy, use and manage in a way that meets the specific requirements of contact and customer engagement centres, helping them grow and improve their service.

Enable – Gives the team at the heart of the operation the information they need to empower them to act based on real time data. Enable includes:

  • Wallboard easy integration, drag and drop functionality, easy to customise and implement.
  • CSAT easy and well-timed capture of customer voice, easily create and manage customer surveys, access data filters and more.
  • Callback choose your call-backs in real time or enable your customers to choose the time, receive data surrounding your call-backs and more.
  • QR customer data-loaded call flow scripts, customise flow scripts to ensure agents are working to meet KPI’s or covering multiple areas of discussion, automatic creation of call/customer history and more.
  • Management Portal supervisors and team leaders can control the contact centre in a heartbeat, add or change call flow script messages, assign them across one or many call flows, and more.

    Optimise – Manages the time hungry process of creating, gathering, digesting and translating the information coming in and out of the contact centre with every customer contact. Optimise includes:

  • Workforce Management provides forecasting and scheduling for the entire workforce via the cloud-based platform, agents’ real time status is displayed at all times for performance analysis.
  • Call & Screen Recorder multi-location call recording stored in one central place, define exactly what information to record, enable data encryption.
  • Quality Management measure agent performance, listen to recorded customer feedback, see results in dashboards, reports and graphs.
  • Voice Of The Customer easy and well-timed capture of customer voice, easily create and manage customer surveys, ask for other feedback.
  • Live Monitoring record at any point during the conversation, and still save the entire call for future analysis, monitor agents working in different locations, flag and comment on calls on the fly.
  • Knowledge user friendly cloud-based platform that can handle customer questions with ease, integrate with emails, CRM, CTI, chat systems.

    Advance – Propelling contact centres into the extraordinary, with insight tools to help them grow from strength to strength. Advance includes:

  • Performance Analytics up and running within 24 hours, integrate data from every application the business uses, makes data deep-dives easy and addictive.
  • Speech Analysis fast and highly accurate speech engine, emotion detection, interface is clean, fast and intuitive negating the need for analytical skills.
  • Video & Telepresence Recorded both the audio and video elements of the call can be encrypted, compatible with desktop phones, telepresence units and mobile endpoints, receive powerful insights you otherwise wouldn’t benefit from.
  • WFM Premium let agents manage and schedule their own time, manage performance, access agent score cards, available wherever you are.