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Creating order within Chaos Uniform rebrands global technology company Chaos Group 

Uniform rebrand Oscar winning software company Chaos.

Strategic brand consultancy Uniform has revealed the new brand they have created for Chaos, the global industry leading and Academy Award winning graphics technology company. The rebrand supports the company’s bold ambitions across the creative sector.

For over 20 years, Chaos has developed world-leading software products for 3D rendering and high-end visualisation. Their flagship product, V-Ray, is integral to many of the photo-real computer graphics we see today, and is both used and loved by a huge range of designers and artists.

Uniform was selected for the brand project because of their experience with both global brands and their internal visualisation capability.

Lon Grohs – Global Head of Creative,Chaos said: “Going in we knew that Uniform would be the perfect creative partner for Chaos. Their unique brand and visualization experience let us hit the ground running. Throughout the entire process, they were an amazing group to work with. We couldn’t be happier, and I think the results speak for themselves.”

With the new brand needing to accelerate growth and encompass an existing suite of products as well as new developments, Uniform’s starting point was to identify exactly why the current brand wasn’t working. They found that, despite their product reputation and success in organising one of the biggest industry events in the calendar, Total Chaos, Chaos itself was fairly unknown. Most customers were more familiar with the individual products that they used day-to-day.

Erika Anderson – Senior CreativeStrategist, Uniform said: “Chaos came to us with ambitious plans for growth. The challenge was that although they were a market leader, their equity was tied up in strong product brands. The strategic approach was developed from clear insight from Chaos’ customers and shifted them from where they were. The group brand needed an identity that clearly established ownership of the growing portfolio of products.”

Uniform’s approach is centred around the idea that most brands don’t need radical transformation, instead, they require the ability to adapt continuously to a world that is in constant change. By placing more emphasis on Chaos and restructuring the brand hierarchy, Uniform has created an ecosystem of products; elevating the rest of the portfolio to sit alongside V-Ray. Customers wishing to create stunning visualisations now clearly understand the range of tools they have at their fingertips.  The brand itself exemplifies the power and capability of the Chaos product range,using visual language created from the software itself. This dynamic approach is totally unique and differentiates Chaos from its competitors, as well as creating endless possibilities for future growth.

Richard Pay – Design Director,Uniform said: “Chaos now represents a place of excitement, of possibility, of constant progression. Where 3D artists can be inspired to push themselves further, to unlock their creativity.”

The brand has been launched this week and will be followed by the launch of a new customer community-focused product, Cosmos. This signals a new dawn in Chaos universe and a new opportunity to redefine the business for the future.

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