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Demand For Sustainable Investment Soars

Alan Lazenby of Lazenby's Financial Services

Lazenby’s Financial Services have seen an increase in demand for sustainable investment. People are increasingly committed to changing their own behaviour to advance sustainability in the wake of the pandemic.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing looks to fulfil certain criteria that demonstrate better governance of firms. For instance, environmental criteria may include company’s energy use and waste, pollution, and natural resource conservation and how they manage environmental risk. Social criteria look at the company’s business relationships and the values they hold, including regard for employees and stakeholder interests.

Investors may want to know that a company uses accurate and transparent accounting methods and that stockholders are given an opportunity to vote on important issues.

“Sustainable investment has steadily risen in popularity over the past few years”, said Alan Lazenby, Managing Director and Senior Financial Planning Consultant at Lazenby’s. “Corporate sustainability is now in high demand across gender and generations.”
According to figures from the Investment Association, UK savers put almost £1bn a month into responsible investment funds in 2020, with net retail sales reaching £1.2bn in January 2021.

The surge in interest is also driving regulatory and policy change. Following recent European initiatives, the Financial Conduct Authority is encouraging financial advisers to incorporate clients’ ethical and environmental preferences into their suitability assessments.Alan adds, “A key component of good financial advice starts with taking the time to listen to what clients want to achieve. A trusted and experienced financial advisor will research the whole of the relevant market to provide clients with the best available investment funds in line with their beliefs and aspirations”.

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