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Ecommerce retailers being urged to get set for biggest ever Black Friday by Greater Manchester digital marketing agency

ATTAIN Team - L-R: Jackie Salt, Commercial Manager, Rob Blair, Designer, Head of Operation, Stuart Gent

Digital marketing agency ATTAIN Digital is urging online retailers to prepare their systems for what is set to be the biggest online Black Friday to date.

The company says retailers that fail to prepare for Black Friday could see losses in sales if their teams and technology do not have the capacity to cope with demand.

Stuart Gent, Head of Operations at ATTAIN in Wigan, said: “We work with many Ecommerce companies and we are encouraging them to prepare for what could potentially be the biggest sales month of the year for them.

“Now is the time to act to ensure companies benefit from – instead of falling victim to – Black Friday.

“Preparing your digital promotions, increasing the capacity of your website to handle surges in web visits as well as reviewing your offline processes – from warehousing to delivery – will be the difference between success and failure.”

Industry commentators predict Ecommerce organisations will experience an unprecedented surge in sales as customers turn to online shopping for Black Friday on November 27 in the midst of the pandemic.

Hosting providers Datacentreplus, based in Manchester, are joining forces with ATTAIN to encourage the region’s Ecommerce organisations to prepare for Black Friday.

Stephen Hobson, Director of Business at Datacentreplus, said: “Whether an Ecommerce business uses Magento, Linux, WordPress or a custom site, there will be common challenges that many will face due to a surge in web traffic this Black Friday.

“Webpages failing to load, customers struggling to process payments and support sales teams feeling unprepared for an increase in queries are just a few of the ways Black Friday can turn into a nightmare for businesses.

“It will be crucial that clients spend time reviewing their bandwidth, RAM and server support – as well as preparing their teams – to avoid an unprepared website costing them sales during this critical date in the Ecommerce calendar.”

ATTAIN are offering a free marketing review for companies gearing up for Black Friday.