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Energy Bill Confusion Leads To Surge in Interest in Solar Panels from Stockport Company

Solar panels on house roof from Project Solar UK

A survey out today from Stockport-based Project Solar UK indicates that 35% of Brits do not have a good understanding of how much bills should cost, 41% find energy bills confusing and, worryingly, 40% of Brits still do not currently know what their utilities are set to increase by. Of further concern is the fact 21% avoid checking utility bills.

When questioned just six months ago, in March this year, 62% of Brits surveyed said that if their electricity bill increased, they would switch to an alternative energy source such as solar panels. 8% said they would switch if bills went up by up to 10% with a total of 43% stating that if their bills increased by up to 50%, they would decide to switch to energy alternatives.

Now, in the new survey released today by the leading supplier and installer of solar panels, Project Solar UK, 9% of Brits say their electricity bills have increased by up to 10% with 13% say their bills are up between 41% and 50%.

These increases suggest that Brits are now ready to look around for alternative energy sources – a prediction borne out by the experience of Project Solar UK who have seen enquiries in the past month increase by over 120%. They are offering a free information service to those wanting to understand more about how solar energy works and how it is costed.

Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar in Houldsworth Mill on Houldsworth Lane, says, “We wanted to reflect on the past six months with this piece of work. Back in Spring people said they would look at solar power as an alternative energy source if they witnessed their bills rising. What has happened is that bills have skyrocketed and we are experiencing the largest demand ever to our free information hotline as people want to understand more about how solar panels can help with energy price hikes.”

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