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Entrepreneur coaches others to make over £100,000 selling products online

Kevin Blackburn at his last in-person event at the Scunthorpe HQ

Successful business owner, Kevin Blackburn is on a mission to inspire and support fellow entrepreneurs from across the globe. To help others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and build the life they want, through building profitable online businesses.

Kevin, who started his entrepreneurial journey as a side hustle with his wife, Kylie Thomas from the comfort of their own home in 2015 selling products online, has since gone on to build a fast-growing, globally recognised eCommerce fulfilment firm, Systemise Fulfilment. A key driver for co-founders, Kevin and Kylie on their journey has been creating a lifestyle that incorporates the flexibility to spend more time with their young children.

Keen to help others see they can make their dreams a reality, whether that’s to run a successful side hustle or turn their hobby into a full-time career, like Kevin and his wife did themselves. Kevin decided to begin building a community of like-minded individuals, to share his entrepreneurial musings and advice on his popular YouTube channel and Facebook group – offering coaching support, tips and anecdotes that many people pay thousands for similar advice elsewhere. Kevin’s YouTube channel to date has published over 1,000 videos, documenting the couple’s inspiring business journey since entering the world of entrepreneurship.

Sophie Dearden, Co-Founder of UK based company Resource Worldwide who was coached by Kevin commented: “Back in 2018 I had my first son, I worked in a very corporate job and I realised before even giving birth, I didn’t want to go back to the corporate world. I wanted to start my own business and have more time to spend with my son – but although we were making lots of sales, we were totally overwhelmed, we had hardly any systems and weren’t particularly profitable.

“Within a 6 week period of working closely with us, Kev helped to transform our operations. Kev’s commitment to seeing the people he coaches succeed is second to none, he not only is a brilliant coach but becomes a brilliant friend along the journey. Over a period of 12 months, Kev helped us to turn our business around and also helped me personally to gain more confidence. Thanks to his help, our business has successfully grown and we were even able to set up a second business, which allowed my husband to also quit his job”.

Mike Rezendes, Founder of Reezy Resells based in the US shared his experience of Kev’s coaching: “Since working with Kev, I’ve made $36-48,000 profit on my personal brand within a year. This would never have been possible without following the steps and advice Kev gave to me”.

Sharing why he takes the time to coach other entrepreneurs, Kevin added: “Every day we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity we stumbled upon to create our business, which has been truly life-changing. We wanted to be able to share our story, our advice and solutions with others, to highlight the online business opportunities available to everyone – and to help people achieve their goals and create the life they want.

“This is why I created the YouTube channel, to inspire people and share some wisdom I’ve learnt along the way. Many subscribers have also joined our community on Facebook, which is a place to share advice and tips, have discussions and group calls – or even just a place to meet like-minded people on a similar journey. I believe having a community of like-minded people and having the option to work with a coach that understands what you’re going through is incredibly beneficial, whether you’re just thinking about setting up a business or you’ve already established a business but need help scaling up, to ensure you’re thinking about all aspects of the business and creating systems that truly optimise your efforts.

“I’m currently in the process of developing further coaching courses and solutions to help budding entrepreneurs looking to start off in the world of online selling, including creating a new product that is perfect for first time Amazon FBA sellers to make their first income online which creates the belief that it is possible to build a business from nothing to something. Leaving my career in engineering was a scary step to take but I love what I do now and the life we’ve built for our family, which has been made possible thanks to the world of eCommerce and Amazon FBA – so I’m always excited to help other people achieve their dreams too.”

Since starting to coach people in 2016, Kevin has helped over 500 entrepreneurs, not just in the UK but across the globe to scale their businesses. Many of whom Kevin has supported in achieving life-changing business success – to quit careers that weren’t making them happy, scale businesses to hire teams and sell between six and seven figures within only a few years of hard work – a phrase Kevin is well known for calling ‘taking massive action’.

As well as his popular online coaching and advice platforms on YouTube and Facebook, Kevin also runs a variety of personal and group coaching sessions and special in-person & virtual events for his mentees from the Systemise Fulfilment HQ in Scunthorpe.