Home Business Services Former colleagues join forces to launch a new kind of strategy consultancy

Former colleagues join forces to launch a new kind of strategy consultancy

Martin and Claire have launched boardroom

Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Wellcome Trust, The Natural History Museum, ZSL London Zoo are among their initial clients

Claire Rigby and Martin Carr have joined forces to launch boardroom consulting; a new kind of strategy consultancy to help build and develop organisations, places and brands that are ever more relevant and relatable to stakeholders and audiences.

The consultancy works with leaders to help them achieve clarity on what they are calling the fundamentals of organisational identity; helping them to think differently – and clearly – about who they are, what they do and why that matters. And they do this by recognising the new expectations of stakeholders and audiences, and with an approach to strategy and planning that puts both purpose and participation at its heart.

This new approach has been born out of many years of senior experience. The pair worked together until 2016 as chief executive and strategy director of a brand consulting firm and Claire has been a governor of Manchester Metropolitan University and marketing strategy lead at BBC North, whilst Martin was formerly a director of the Design Business Association and is currently chairman of People’s History Museum. Prior to forming boardroom they both worked as independent consultants with organisations such as The Medical Research Council, National Football Museum, Northcoders, Discover England, Marketing Manchester and University of Derby.

Partner, Claire Rigby said: “boardroom operates at the intersection of brand, audience and organisational strategy to help leaders plan for and succeed at change. We help to identify and define the fundamentals of identity that underpin future strategy; unlocking new opportunities, successfully engaging stakeholders and audiences and driving growth.”

Carr added: “we’ve increasingly recognized – and demonstrated – the need for clarity on an organization’s ‘identity’ to be firmly on the boardroom agenda. We believe that the new ways in which organisations engage with and relate to their audiences demand that this clarity is now front, centre and fundamental. And having launched boardroom consulting we’re gratified by the growing recognition and appetite for this point of view as well as for our input and ideas”

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