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How businesses can embrace sustainability in 2023

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl

Climate change is a regular feature in news headlines these days. From human-influenced global warming to species becoming endangered due to changes in their natural habitat, there are many ways that our way of life is negatively impacting the environment.

It is not surprising, then, that shoppers are increasingly driven by sustainability. Particularly millennials and Gen Z are of the opinion that we can combat climate change by overhauling our approach to consumerism. Here’s how you can embrace eco values in your business to do your bit for the environment and continue to appeal to ever more green-minded customers.

Make changes to your products

First and foremost you will need to address your product offering. This is your direct point of contact with your customers and will be their primary way of judging your commitment to sustainability. Analyse your goods and see if there is a way to make them more eco-friendly, perhaps by changing the materials used in your packaging or changing the ingredients in your products.

Plan out long-term goals

Business owners should also look to what lies behind their products – in other words, the manufacturing or importing process. It is likely that you could make significant gains towards being greener by addressing these areas as this part of your business will have your highest carbon footprint.

However, it will also likely involve a full overhaul of your operations that can be costly and time-consuming. Create a step-by-step plan for achieving your eco-friendly aims and focus on implementing one change at a time. You can share your goals with consumers to reassure them of your green intentions which will help to maintain brand loyalty in your customers.

Revamp your office space

Sustainability in business should not be limited to the goods you produce or the services you offer. Your eco-friendly ethos should encompass all of your operations including your office space.

If you have the time and finances for a significant investment, consider upgrading to a green heating system. Although these modern technologies require substantial outlay, using renewable energy to power your office will go a long way towards reducing your CO2 emissions.

On a smaller scale, you could focus on reducing waste in the office. Try to go paper-free as much as possible such as by creating a digital portal for access to important documents and reducing the need for employees to have print-outs.

Encourage employees to be eco

Perhaps the most important for businesses trying to embrace sustainability is to encourage eco-friendly values in their employees. The company as a whole needs to understand and champion your efforts to go green.

For example, if you provide employees with company cars, look into purchasing used models from a local vendor or switching to electric vehicles rather than buying new petrol-fuelled cars for the staff.

You could also install signs around the office to encourage eco-friendly practices such as advisories to turn off lights and devices when not in use or a poster advertising a cycle-to-work scheme.