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Hudson James and Vitae Selection Eye Up Global Expansion as they Become Monocle International with help of fellow Leeds Agency

With an eye on further global expansion, a new identity for one of the North’s leading search firms has been released today as Hudson James Human Capital and Vitae Selection re-launch the business as Monocle International this month.

Last year saw Leeds-based executive search business Hudson James Human Capital Group acquire boutique senior appointments competitor, Vitae Selection, creating one of the largest market specialist executive search brands in the North. The acquisition resulted in Hudson James Human Capital Group double in both turnover and headcount, growing to a team of 24 instantly. The substantial increase in footprint along with an ambitious senior leadership team was the nucleus for the current growth strategy.

Since the merger the team has been working extensively, in particular over the last12 months, to create a unique business that capitalises on both its key strengths and expertise. The focus now is about communicating the strengths of the combined cohorts, to fuel further strategic expansion and build upon the existing network that spans over 20 counties.

The new business name and brand was developed by Leeds based branding and digital agency DS Emotion and can be found at www.monocleinternational.com. Whilst discussing the inspiration behind the new brand, Dan Spurr (Founder & Group Managing Director) said:

“The rationale of creating a new brand was to unify both existing firms post deal under one vision. We needed to align our investment decisions in core areas of business, amalgamate CRM systems, streamline our IT systems (under the new GDPR guidelines) and create strong marketing collateral to set the foundations for a business taking its next step from a small to medium sized organization on its acquisition journey.

“Our people are our brand. We have invested in putting a bigger engine behind them in order to further support our clients. We have added strength into our technology, professional and social search capability, in house testing and support functions. The rebrand is important internally for us as it showcase’s a business we can be proud of, get behind and take to the marketplace. Furthermore, it represents us, our professional image and aligns better with where we conduct the majority of our business.

“Ultimately, our mission is to create an internationally respected, modern leadership brand that supports organisations to ensure they are ready for the future.

“Prior to the merger both firms had a similar business outlook and commonality across markets. These shared strengths have led the group to establish a dynamic yet successfully cohesive culture together as one. The rebrand is a pinnacle of this journey and testament to the hard work of the people within it.”

The post mergerevolution has also seen the firm develop its service proposition so it is fully aligned with senior management and leadership hires and is optimized and ready to work alongside HR and Executive decision makers across the industry.

Monocle International has 3 core services. Executive Search for senior leadership and board appointments, Exclusive Supplier Agreements for project and partnership intakes and our popular and expanding LPO model (Leadership Process Outsourcing), designed specifically for outsourced talent and process across the UK and global markets.

The business specialises across the Consumer; Packaging; Capital Equipment; Ingredients; Infrastructureand Professional Services markets.

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