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It’s 10 + 5 as agency celebrates 15 years of big ideas, beautifully executed

Jill Peel and David Worthington from 10 Associates.

In 2004, Spirit and Opportunity land on Mars, Facebook reaches 300 million users, Google floats on the Stock Market – and branding agency 10 Associates is born.

Now based at the Watermill in Hopton Mills, Mirfield, with an office in London, 10 was established by David Worthington and Jill Peel with the aim of helping transform businesses through the use of strategic design – 10’s mantra is Big Ideas, Beautifully Executed. 10 swiftly established a reputation for excellence, building an impressive array of clients including AO, Graham & Brown, Halfords and Xscape.

This dedication to quality is partly why the name ’10’ is so apt – as Jill explains: “We always wanted a number for our agency name and 10 was perfect on many levels: we like to take clients back to when they were 10 years old and everything seemed possible – we say it still is. And who doesn’t want to be a 10?”

The world is a very different place today to when 10 was first established. David and Jill not only managed to grow the business through one of the most difficult trading times in recent history, they collected an array of accolades.

Proudest moments to date including being named one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses, winning their first Roses award and the creation of the brand development programme Brandschool®, a key differentiator between 10 and other agencies that has played a huge part in not only 10’s success but that of its clients.

Jill said one of the things that sets 10 apart from the crowd was the absolute determination to produce the very best creative solutions without compromise: “Our team are the best in the business, and it speaks volumes that both they and our clients stay with us for a long time. 10 has a unique spirit,” she said. “Everything we do has to be a ‘10’ or it doesn’t leave the building.

“A stand-out project for that team is the creation of the AO brand – following the rebrand by 10, the company was floated on the Stock Exchange for £1.6 billion. Astonishing.

“One of the most satisfying aspects of the past 15 years has been helping transform numerous businesses through the use of strategic design thinking… getting them to a place of brand achievement – with real tangible and measurable results. We never underestimate the transformative powers of a robust brand strategy.

“I’d tell businesses starting out today to understand from the outset exactly where they are going to sit in the creative landscape – what they are going to do to make them stand out from the hundreds, nay thousands, of other agencies currently operating throughout Yorkshire and the UK. The majority of agencies claim to experts in everything from identity design to UX. Don’t be a Jack of all trades, understand your strength and stick to it.”

David added: “Brand will always be our heart and soul, the big idea will always be the cornerstone of a well-grounded brand strategy or campaign, always. But in this world of accelerated change, we suspect that 10 will collaborate more with digital and film production companies in order to roll out comprehensive brand strategies.

“Team 10 are perfectly positioned to continue to build a sustainable strong and successful business over the next 15 years and beyond. We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in a relatively short space of time, and like proud parents, we can’t wait to see what else 10 goes on to achieve.

“10, it’s been a lucky number for us.”