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It’s ‘lights camera action’ at Sheffield’s favourite veterinary practice

The vets and nurses at a veterinary practice in Sheffield film a television series for the BBC.

The vets, nurses and patients at a veterinary practice in Sheffield are set to star in a television series being made by TV production company True North for the BBC.

Filming at White Cross Vets on Retford Road in Handsworth started this month for the CBBC series ‘The Pets Factor’. The series is due to air on the popular children’s channel later this year and features vets going about their day to day work – both in consultations and operations – dealing with a variety of cases from the routine to the extraordinary.

In previous series the show has covered everything from a cat that needed an abscess lancing to an emergency case of a dog that was shaking uncontrollably after eating mouldy bread. Other cases included a dog that had gobbled too many grapes, a constipated snake, a Labrador with a stick wedged in its palate and a cat with an extraordinarily long piece of grass stuck up its nose.

With 10 episodes in each series, the programme is an observational documentary animal show, where poorly pets get treated at four of the most committed and caring veterinary practices in Britain. Based in Sheffield, Bristol, Essex and London – the dynamic and diverse vet squad are on call to inspire the next generation of pet carers.

Husband and wife team Dave Hough and Cat Henstridge from White Cross Vets in Handsworth both feature on the show. Cat is well-known for her online blogs and social media posts as ‘Cat the Vet’ and Dave is the Clinic Director at the practice.

Dave said: “We are thrilled to be showcasing the fantastic work of our dedicated and talented team. What we see every day is so varied, and we are driven by our love of pets and the ability to help heal them. It’s a real delight to think that our work will be seen on television, and hopefully inspire the next generation of vets, nurses and support staff to work in this really rewarding profession.”

Cat added: “I know from the reactions I get on my website and social media channels that there is a huge level of interest in what we do, and the TV programme will help to bring those real-life stories directly to a younger audience, as well as offering exclusive behind the scenes access to everything that happens in our busy veterinary practice.”

White Cross Vets opened in Handsworth in March last year following a £250,000 investment in the state of the art practice. Featuring separate, sound proofed wards and consulting rooms for dogs and cats, the practice uses pheromone diffusers and specifically composed music to further relax pets as well as providing ultra-soft bedding and warm, cosy LED lighting in all pet wards. White Cross Vets is fully equipped to carry out all types of operations on-site and has all the latest equipment including digital dental x-ray and ultrasound machines and an on-site laboratory.

Since opening in Handsworth White Cross Vets has been trusted to care for 3,089 dogs, cats and small pets and now employs a team of 7.

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