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Jonathan Shines With 13,000 Cleans In 20 Years of Ovenu Bolton

20th Anniversary: Jonathan Fry of Ovenu Bolton

Jonathan Fry has restored the sparkle to more than 13,000 ovens since first launching Ovenu Bolton 20 years ago.

Despite the cost of living crisis, 2022 has proved a record year as more householders turned to the oven valeting service as they sought to save money by extending their appliances’ life span.

Jonathan, from Westhoughton, said: “It’s difficult to believe I’m marking 20 years in business, during which time we’ve restored around 13,000 ovens to near showroom condition.

“I’m often asked if I’m not fed up of the sight of ovens by now, but I still enjoy my work and it’s something that has provided me with a good living.

“Many of my original clients from 2002 remain with me, and it’s really the people that make this business so enjoyable.

“We have enjoyed a record 2022, largely due to householders adopting a ‘make do and mend’ attitude to save the expense of buying a new cooker. There has also been an increase in clients buying used appliances, which are also often in need of a good clean.”

On leaving school, Jonathon worked in the motor trade, specialising in refurbishing and selling vans, but joined the Ovenu franchise network after getting married and needing a more reliable income.

He was joined in 2016 by oven technician Steven Torrance, who has since built up his own loyal client base.

Jonathan added: “I saw a gap in the market in the Bolton area and was confident I could build a strong business from scratch, with the support of this established brand.

“Last year was a record year for the business and we’ve already had a very strong January, so we are looking forward to a very busy 2023.”

Rik Hellewell, the founder and managing director of Ovenu, said: “Jonathan is one of our longest-serving franchisees in the UK and he’s set a shining example when it comes to delivering exceptional service. Our tried and tested business model offers the most professional, practical and profitable way to succeed in this sector – something he has ably demonstrated over the past two decades.”

The Ovenu process involves dismantling key components such as the door, interior panels, fan, and shelves and placing them in design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic and biodegradable products to clean the oven parts. The whole process leaves the oven in a near showroom condition.

Ovenu Bolton covers all areas of the town, including Westhoughton, Horwich, Heaton and Bromley Cross.