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Jones Myers fundraising for domestic abuse charity takes off

Fundraising lifts off: from left Peter Jones, Rose Merritt from IDAS and Jones Myers partner, Sarah Dickinson

Niche family law practice Jones Myers has nominated Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) as its dedicated charity for the next 12 months.

The practice, which has offices in Leeds and Harrogate, is spearheading a series of fundraising events for IDAS, Yorkshire’s largest specialist charity which supports over 5,000 people a year affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The charity’s three refuges for women and children include one in Harrogate which accommodates up to eight families and includes two self-contained flats.

During their stay, IDAS helps families to overcome the effects of abuse and assists them with benefits, schools, legal issues and housing. Male victims are also supported in self-contained flats or houses in locations including Harrogate.

IDAS director Sarah Hill, said: “As an independent, specialist organisation, IDAS focuses on victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

“Because we’re a charity, people can be reassured that every penny provided to us is spent on those victims and survivors. It’s great news that Jones Myers has nominated us as its dedicated charity and we thank the team in advance for their fundraising ventures.”
Jones Myers founder, Peter Jones, commented: “As a specialist family law firm which witnesses the devastating effects of domestic abuse on victims, we applaud the compassionate, inclusive and non-judgemental support IDAS provides to enable victims to make their own choices and to determine their own future. We are delighted to champion and fundraise for this great charity.”

Jones Myers, which also has an office in Essex, is the only family law practice in Leeds with its own specialist in-house counsel. The firm’s lawyers jointly combine 250 years’ legal experience.