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JT Pickfords deploy SOTpay to ‘plug’ the risk of fraud

JT Pickford partner SOTpay to protect their customers and the business from the risk of fraudulent transactions

JT Pickfords, the iconic retailer of bathroom, heating and plumbing products have announced the deployment of a new payment solution in order to protect their customers and the business from the risk of fraud.

Established in 1954, Yorkshire based, JT Pickfords have always maintained a proactive approach to embracing the latest technology in order to meet demand for their quality product and their latest move saw them reach out to Gala Technology, the innovative development team behind the multi-award winning SOTpay solution, in order to secure the sensitive card data of its clients.

Group Buyer and Online Sales Manager, Andrew Morley, stated ‘JT Pickfords have looked after the requirements of our customers for over 6 decades and we are conscious that we have a responsibility to ensure that we invest in the latest solutions to protect our customers from the risk of fraud.

The introduction of SOTpay, enables our clients to remain in control of their personal card data, without the need to disclose it to our employees. This means that we can process the transaction in a PCI DSS compliant manner and because SOTpay authenticates that the genuine cardholder is processing the transaction, it also protects our business against the ever-growing risk of fraud and chargebacks.’

Gala Technology’s Commercial Director, Steven Jones commented ‘We are delighted to be supporting such a reputable company as JT Pickfords, helping them to manage their risk and compliance, whilst ensuring that their customers are protected and also reducing the associated costs of processing payments for this business. We hope this is the start of a long and productive relationship between two great Yorkshire organisations.’

Morley concluded ‘The deployment, training and service we have received from Gala Technology has been exceptional. I would strongly suggest that any retailer who is taking ‘Cardholder Not Present’ transactions looks at SOTpay to understand how they can add value to your organisation too.

Founded in 2015, Gala Technology is a fast-growing Fintech company globally supplying PCI DSS Compliant mail order card not present payment solutions.

Gala Technology is a preferred supplier for organisations including contact centres, payment service providers, charities, home workers and hundreds of corporate businesses.

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