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Leeds Among Emerging Tech Hubs in the UK

Leeds City Centre

The UK might be experiencing a Brexit crisis right now, but there’s one sector which appears to be safe from the economic uncertainty. The tech sector is currently experiencing substantial growth, particularly in specific parts of the country.

Leeds has recently been identified as one of the best emerging tech hubs in the UK. It’s also been listed as one of the best places in the country to start a business. Here, we’ll look at how the city is fast becoming a tech hub to rival the likes of San Francisco.

Recent research puts Leeds in the top three spot

In August 2018, TNT researched the UK’s emerging tech hubs to see which cities came out on top. After taking into account numerous factors, Leeds was revealed to take the third spot. The northern city beat the likes of Manchester, Birmingham and even London which came in at number six.

There were three major factors which saw Leeds take the third spot on the list. These included business start-up survival rate, internet download speeds and the average cost of office space. The latter is what pushed London to sixth place. While it experiences the fastest internet speeds in the UK, the cost of office space is notoriously high.

One of the best cities to start a business

This year, Leeds has been named as the best city in the UK to start a business. Its skillset and affordability saw the city fight off rivals such as London and Manchester. The legal and tech sector in the city has witnessed the fastest growth in the country. Many major businesses have also chosen to base their headquarters in Leeds. The BBC is one of the latest to relocate to the city.

Businesses experience the lowest start-up costs, as well as have access to some of the best talent in the country in Leeds. It’s considered a real business hub, with great internet speeds and a high start-up survival rate.

What other factors make Leeds an emerging tech hub?

There’s a lot of factors which contribute to the popularity of Leeds as an emerging tech hub. The number of people employed within the tech sector, along with the current number of tech jobs being advertised were other significant factors.

Put simply, Leeds is way ahead when it comes to tech opportunities. It brings billions of pounds into the economy and shows no signs of slowing down. As more major businesses begin to base their headquarters in the city, it’s set to push Leeds even further, helping it to compete against the likes of San Francisco’s notorious tech hub.

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