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Levitex hits £10,000 Kickstarter target in just four days

A Manchester-based start-up company has smashed its Kickstarter target of £10,000 in less than four days with hundreds of backers pledging support for its innovative range of sleep products.

Levitex launched a Kickstarter campaign on October 2 to win backing from the public and has already achieved international support, with more than 440 worldwide backers contributing to a fundraising total that now stands at just over £32,000.

The campaign finishes shortly, but players such as Tom Curry and Steve Diamond from Sale Sharks Rugby Club and first-team stars from Preston North End FC are among the big names from the world of sport now using Levitex mattresses and pillows.

The company, based at Manchester Science Park, has created a unique range of sleep products with an innovation in foam technology that tackles posture, pressure and proprioception to provide the optimum conditions for rest and recuperation.

Other big names backing Levitex include Paralympic gold medalist Richard Whitehead, Olympic gold medalist rower Will Satch, Commonwealth & European Champion swimmer Tom Hamer, professional track cyclist Ed Clancy, 2017 Invictus Games Captain, Bernie Broad and former London Wasps star Peter Scrivener.

Levitex founder, James Leinhardt has developed the unique line of products after spending several years working with NHS patients, where he realised that most commonly used mattresses can exacerbate painful conditions.

Taking an evidence-based approach to product development, Levitex pillows and mattresses have also been proven to help improve posture following clinical trials with the University of Salford.

James said: “We are thrilled with the results of the Kickstarter campaign so far. It has landed really well with people – including many people in different countries all over the world – and we’re beginning to see some real traction for the range of products we’ve made available so far.

“Our products are pioneering because we’ve taken an evidence-based approach to everything we’ve done, and I think we’ve created something that can seriously shake-up the domestic sleep market in the UK.

“We’re combining expertise in postural management, pain medicine management and medical device engineering with Levitex and we’re thrilled that we’ve taken the first step on our journey to become a recognised household name in the UK.”

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