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Local youth club awarded grant by wealth management company

Gaynor Rigby, Colin Lawson and Debbie Jukes of Equilibrium

Azamrah Youth Club – a Salford-based charity – has kick-started 2019 with a smile, as it received a donation of £500 from a wealth management firm.

The organisation provides activities of developmental benefit to socially isolated, disadvantaged and vulnerable young people across Salford and Bury, in order to help them grow into fully mature members of society.

Wilmslow-based Equilibrium Asset Management awarded £500 to the charity as part of its Community Support Scheme, an ongoing initiative to aid charities and community groups across the region.

Azamrah is using the grant to host a swimming gala during its Easter holiday “play scheme”, at which children and young people will be encouraged to take part in a “day at the pool”. A workshop will be run before the big day on healthy living and the importance of sport as part of a regular routine.

Participants will then be treated to a fun-filled session at the pool, where races, games and activities will be held followed by refreshments.

Rifka Goldman, a volunteer at Azamrah Youth Club, said: “Azamrah nurtures children’s dreams and improves their chances at life by increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

“It is with the support of trusts and foundations like Equilibrium’s that we are able to continue providing these amazing children with the opportunities they so richly deserve.”

Azamrah currently provides holiday play schemes for over 350 children during the summer, winter and Easter school holidays. The youth club caters for children aged three to 11, and encourages 12-16-year-olds to take part as volunteers.

Equilibrium’s Community Support Scheme was set up in 2015 to award grants ranging from £100 to £500 to community organisations and charities across the region.

To date, the wealth management company has awarded over £16,500 in funds to community groups.