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Malmaison And Hotel Du Vin Support Charity Escapes Fundraising

Jordan Proctor of Charity Escapes

Boutique hotel brands Malmaison and Hotel du Vin have helped UK-based Charity Escapes raise £58,000 for 112 charities since the Covid pandemic began.

The hotel groups, which have 36 properties across the UK, donated 500 ‘staycation’ and food & beverage prizes which provided desperately needed money for charities hit by the pandemic.

The partnership, which started in January 2020, has allowed Charity Escapes to offer prizes for fundraising activities at a time when fundraising and donations dropped but demand for third sector services grew.

Entrepreneur Jeremy Middleton CBE founded Charity Escapes, which has raised several hundred thousand pounds for charity. The charity offers a completely free service to hoteliers, helping them manage their inbound charity donation requests, saving time, worry and admin.

Jeremy Middleton said: “2021 is definitely the year of the staycation. Malmaison and Hotel du Vin have fantastic hotels across the UK in some great city locations, making these prizes much sought after.

“We are incredibly grateful for their generosity, particularly as the hospitality sector has been hit so badly during the pandemic. Our charity partners have also suffered greatly, and I am pleased that we have been able to support them to continue fundraising, even though big events have been cancelled for many months.”