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Yorkshire manufacturer adds lifeline to village

A Cross Hills-based chemical manufacturer has ensured its local village is ‘covered from one end to the other’ with the installation of a third life-saving defibrillator.

Airedale Chemical, which was founded 45 years ago, has previously donated defibrillators at the Glusburn Community Arts Centre and the Kildwick/Farnhill Institute as part of an ongoing relationship with the Parish Council.

The most recent installation is at Kingsway Veterinary Group, Aire Street and completes the chemical company’s pledge to roll out three defibrillators across the village. The installation of the life-saving equipment follows the regular clean-ups the manufacturer provides of the Cross Hills public toilets.

Ian Gibson, vice chairman of the Parish Council, said: “We have a brilliant relationship with Airedale Chemical; they’re very co-operative and are always contributing to the village whether it’s the power cleaning of the public toilets or installing a third defibrillator.

“Through Airedale Chemical’s generosity, they’ve ensured the village is covered from one end to the other and that everyone has easy access to a defibrillator, should the need arise to try and save a life.”

The defibrillator scheme is part of the manufacturer’s charitable arm, the Airedale Foundation, which is also responsible for the firm’s waste reduction scheme, activity based sponsorships and education initiatives. The site was recently visited, for the second year running, by 30 students from Sutton in Craven Community Primary School so they could carry out science experiments in a real laboratory.

Daniel Marr, head of marketing at Airedale Chemical, said: “We’ve been very happy to support the installation of three defibrillators throughout Cross Hills and Farnhill. The units all come with instructions and it’s estimated that defibrillation within 3 – 5 minutes of cardiac arrest can have survival rates of 50 – 70% – it’s imperative that we do all we can to support our community.”

The Kingsway Veterinary Group will be funding the electrical line for the defibrillator, on behalf of the Parish Council.

Airedale Chemical was established in 1973 and provides chemicals and contract manufacturing to markets including agriculture, dairy, water treatment and waste management.