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Materials Processing Institute launches new series of online steel industry courses launched for global market

Principal Researcher Andrew Smith records an online course

The Materials Processing Institute is making its expertise available to a global audience at the click of a button following the launch of a series of online training courses focused on the steel industry.

The UK-based research and innovation centre is already a respected provider of classroom-based courses aimed largely at the materials and metals sector.

However, its experienced staff have now launched the first of what they say will be an extensive suite of practical and targeted online courses designed to address current issues affecting the steel industry.

The not-for-profit organisation has a prepared pipeline of more than 50 courses tackling various aspects of the steel manufacturing process and these courses are all rolling out to the global steel market over the coming weeks.

Chris McDonald, the Institute’s Chief Executive, said the online courses were launched in response to both the lockdown restrictions, which meant it has had to temporarily suspend its classroom-based courses, but also in recognition of the need for on demand access to tailored online training.

He said: “This is a practical response to address and overcome issues currently facing the modern global steel industry. These bite-sized courses fulfil a need for specific knowledge and solutions with its innovative ‘just in time’ approach.

“The Institute has earned an international reputation for research and innovation in advanced materials and many of our staff have amassed more than 20 years’ experience working in steel and related industries. These courses reflect their depth of understanding and are an opportunity for the Institute to support the global steel industry with easy to access training options.”

Previously, the Institute delivered its five-day classroom courses largely on behalf of partner businesses, but these digital courses are accessible from anywhere in the world and are aimed at individuals and companies keen to expand their industry skills and knowledge base.

Each course is made up of three modules each taking 40 minutes to complete. These modules can be purchased individually and include a discount when purchased as a block. A certificate of completion is provided by the Institute for each module. The courses are available on the Institute’s website and can be accessed at any time.

Chris added: “This is fulfilling a definite demand with access to cutting-edge industry knowledge at the click of a button. The courses will also increase awareness of other Institute services, including consultancy.”

Future courses may also include metallurgical techniques, industry 4.0 and innovation management.