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Medtech firm launches to help companies create safer working environments

Founders of Moore MedTech, Samantha and Jamie Moore

A new engineer-led work safety business, headquartered in Yorkshire, that uses the latest technologies and applications to combat pathogens, has launched to help organisations create safer, cleaner working environments post-COVID.

Having worked within the medical technology sector for the last 12 years, sister and brother, Samantha and Jamie Moore have set up Moore MedTech in response to the problems businesses and facilities management specialists face when re-opening and operating workplaces safely following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Co-founder Samantha Moore explains: “We’ve both worked in the field of medical engineering for many years, when the coronavirus outbreak closed down much of the world’s commercial activity in March, we were confident that some of the latest innovations could be harnessed to ensure a clean environment, helping protect people and enabling businesses to safely re-open. The challenges faced by offices, factories, warehouses and public transport are all very different, and we’ve brought together some of the new disruptive technologies that can really transform the way operators and the facilities management industry approach these new challenges.

“We see our role as creating solutions which can be easily implemented, providing a range of products to enable businesses to ensure a clean environment and protection against contamination, so reducing the risk of future outbreaks in this pandemic and beyond, and helping businesses to be resilient to similar threats in future.”

The company will initially offer two product ranges which can be supplied individually or as part of a fully managed solution. Its portfolio includes cleaning products featuring Moore MedTech’s unique 1-03 formula which is designed to be effective against spore-forming organisms and can bind to treated surfaces, giving longer-term protection against microbial contamination.

Moore MedTech also offers FAR-UV and air purifying products which provide direct, high-level disinfectant light to quickly destroy 99.98% of the world’s most harmful bacteria and all viruses including SARS, MARS, MRSA and coronavirus (including COVID-19), in the air and on surfaces.

Co-founder Jamie Moore adds: “With Samantha’s experience building teams of medical engineers, and mine in business development for tech companies, we were approached to use our expertise to provide solutions to some of the urgent problems currently facing companies. We believed that technology had a vital role to play, but that it had not been identified or delivered as a service in a way that businesses could easily use.

“We have been able to bring together some of the latest technology and innovations, with experienced contractors to deliver on the ground, and build services and the administration around them that were needed. We are able to offer corporates a fully managed solution to re-opening safe, clean workspaces and we will be joining forces with facilities management companies across the UK to make this more widely available.”