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Middleton Enterprises to build on success with new fund launch

David Alprovich (far right) with some of the Middleton Enterprises team (Jeremy Middleton 4th right)

Middleton Enterprises, the Newcastle-based investment firm, has increased its net asset value from £95m in 2018 to £115m in 2019.

The strong performance has been driven by Middleton Enterprises’ investment in listed companies; managing a concentrated portfolio of high-quality businesses. This strategy has returned 255% over the last six years in comparison to the global stock market, which has returned 42% in the same period.

The firm is also launching a new fund following its successful performance over the last six years.

The Conviction Equity Fund, which will available from April 2020, will give High Net Worth individuals the opportunity to invest in what has been a very profitable strategy.

Middleton Enterprises is also actively investing in early stage software companies. In 2019 it backed Adepto, Hullabalook and Heydoc. Two companies from its venture capital portfolio were acquired by large US tech businesses.

The team of investment professionals works with successful operators, helping them to grow their business and create employment opportunities. It has grown from three staff to nine and recently opened a London office.

David Alprovich, Chief Operating Officer of Middleton Enterprises, said: “Middleton Enterprises invests in high growth, disruptive technology businesses. Whether this be a start-up software company in Newcastle or a global tech business which is listed on NASDAQ. We back innovative companies, with entrepreneurial management teams. When we find a great investment then we aim to hold and let it compound over the very long term.

“We have put a lot of time and effort into honing this investment strategy. We have made some mistakes and learned from them. Overall, we’ve had more winners than losers. The Conviction Equity Fund will give High Net Worth Individuals the opportunity to invest alongside Middleton Enterprises on this strategy.”

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