Home Property & Construction Miller Homes Installs Defibrillators At Yorkshire Developments For Local Communities

Miller Homes Installs Defibrillators At Yorkshire Developments For Local Communities

Miller Homes Yorkshire installs defibrillators at new home developments

Miller Homes Yorkshire has taken the decision to install a defibrillator at each of its new home developments in the region.

The home builder has ensured that the vital lifesaving equipment is highly accessible and visible on the outer wall of each of its sales centres so that staff, residents, and those in the local community, will be able to benefit from the installation should it be required.

With statistics showing that using a defibrillator in the first minute of someone collapsing increases their survival rate to over 90% the importance of having them close by in our communities is incredibly important.

“We become part of the community where each of our developments takes shape and can spend many years there building new homes for the people that want to make that place home,” said Debbie Whittingham, Sales Director, Miller Homes Yorkshire. “It made perfect sense that we invest in the health and wellbeing of everyone in that community, including a duty of care to our staff, and we want to spread the word letting everyone know that this facility is now available.”

Reassuringly, a public access defibrillator can be accessed by anyone, and clear instructions are provided on how to attach the defibrillator pads to the patient. It will then assess the heart rhythm and only instruct you to deliver a shock if needed. Advice from the British Heart Foundation says that if someone is experiencing a cardiac arrest 999 should still be called and CPR commenced.

Once the home builder concludes work at the development and the sales centre is sold as a private residence, the defibrillator will be transferred to the local community and relocated so that everyone can continue to benefit.

“Currently, we have developments in Drighlington, Boroughbridge, Leeds, Wakefield and York with several more planned to open this year,” said Debbie. “If the defibrillators make a difference to just one person and their family, then it will have been a worthwhile investment.”