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New agency MacNaught Digital launches in Manchester

Stacey MacNaught

Freelance SEO and Content Marketing specialist Stacey MacNaught has set up a new independent agency, MacNaught Digital.

Over the last 10 years, Stacey built her career in the SEO and Content Marketing industry, working as SEO Director for a Manchester-based agency and speaking at events.

Sharing her knowledge and the latest trends in the industry, Stacey has spoken at SEO conferences across the UK as well as globally.

The MacNaught Digital team is formed by Stacey and her husband, Michael MacNaught as well as Stacey’s first hire, Helen Freeman, who was appointed as Outreach and Content Promotion Executive.

Helen, Stacey’s mum, decided to change her career and learn more about digital marketing. For the previous 35 years of Helen’s career, she had consistently been in people centric roles. For that reason, Helen is proving exceptional in relationship building and content promotion.

The agency’s current client list includes healthcare company, Forth With Life, as well as Souschef, the online store for adventurous home cooks, Exam Papers Plus and luxury linen startup, Linenbundle.

Stacey said: “One of the biggest drivers for me setting up a small consultancy was the ability to stay hands on with campaigns for clients. The further up the career ladder you progress in scaling agencies, the less hands on you become and more of your time is taken up with things like admin and HR. So, setting up something on my own allows me to do more of what I love the most. This really is about doing something I love and doing it well.

“Manchester already has bags of brilliant agencies, many of whom are growing. Where MacNaught Digital will differ is that growth will be gradual and the end goal isn’t about having 20 or 30 people in an office. I love the small team environment and specialising just in the core things we do best.

“Making my Mum the first hire was an unusual step. Many of us in the industry joke about trying to get our Mums to understand what we do. So actually, bringing my Mum in and getting her doing it quite out of the ordinary. But we’ve identified her strengths in dealing with people and building relationships and it’s going really well. She’s learnt so quickly and we’re exceeding all of our targets.”

MacNaught Digital also offers SEO and Content Marketing training, helping in-house teams and digital marketing specialists to improve their skills in the ever-changing industry.

Stacey added: “It’s been an exciting start to the venture. We’ve won some amazing clients, all of whom are just great to work with. And there’s a real buzz about landing results. I’m excited about the next few years.”