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Node Joins Concrete VC PropTech Residency

Node Co-Founders L-R Dave Walker, Doug Ward, Paul Crookes

Today Node joins the Concrete VC PropTech residency at Fora in London. It will see the team working alongside Nuveen, Starwood Capital Group, Hammerson, U+I, JLL Spark & many more. This opportunity will introduce Node to an extensive network of professionals who will facilitate access to further funding and assist the company in scaling rapidly. Having delivered proof of concept on a number flagship buildings in the UK the residency will support the start-up’s next stage of expansion and is critical to delivering their growth ambitions.

Node Co-Founders Doug Ward, Shaun Gibson, Paul Crookes and Dave Walker set up the business in 2017 and have already secured business with Allied London, All+, Aviva and Fore Partnership. The hassle free connectivity solution and improved data security platform for real estate, is set to globally transform the telecoms and connectivity marketplace.

Co-Founder Doug Ward said “Node’s ambition is to be the default technology solution for developers, delivering hassle free and secure connectivity. With 35 million commercial buildings globally the opportunity to take and own the space in this market is huge. Our focus during this residency will be on business development, further evolution of Node Secure and preparation for international expansion. Shaun, Dave, Paul and I are excited to introduce Node to more of the biggest landowners in the UK and work with Concrete to execute our international expansion plans.

Having an existing ecosystem of experts, who can assist us in accelerating our growth and realise our vision is a really exciting prospect. Our primary goal over the next six months is to secure a significant funding deal with a large asset manager and roll Node out across their property portfolio , “

Concrete VC added ‘We are very excited to have launched the Concrete Proptech Residency @ Fora with JLL Spark. We have chosen a group of game changing startups that are tackling key problems within the commercial real estate sphere and have demonstrated strong commercial traction.

Our philosophy is that collaboration can produce exponentially greater results than working in silo. For this reason, the Residency members will work together in a dedicated area of Fora, a beautifully designed workspace, in their Central St, Clerkenwell location.

A series of workshops and events will further foster collaboration by providing a platform for interaction with our highly engaged partners, each of which represents the best in class for their respective fields: JLL Spark, Lockton, Nuveen, MIPIM PropTech, Roundhill Capital, ING, Patrizia and Around Proptech.

We are proud to accept and support NODE as one of our residents, and look forward to being a part of their exciting mission to transform global telecoms and connectivity’


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