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North East based washing machine machine manufacturer Ebac expands its retailer base

Clocktower in Milnthorpe has become one of the first retailers to stock the only washing machines to be made in the UK.

North East based manufacturer Ebac has prioritised local independent retailers to spread the maximum economic benefit and to make sure the premium quality machines are accessible to everyone.

Ebac has invested £7m in the development of its washing machines, and has built collaborations with leading appliance experts, with more than 120,000 man hours provided in research and development. This has resulted in a world-class product and a comprehensive understanding of washing machine technology and manufacture.

The new models, which are the first new washing machines to be manufactured in Britain for more than 10 years, offer a revolutionary and environmentally caring hot-fill option, as an alternative to traditional cold fill machines. This gives the benefit of shorter wash times and lower energy bills. Ebac is also offering up to 10 year parts warranties on selected washing machines.

Ebac’s washing machines join an established stable of electrical goods. Ebac is Europe’s leading manufacturer of bottled watercoolers and the company manufactures the UK’s best-selling domestic dehumidifiers with air purification and laundry drying features.

Ebac is aiming to sign up 400 retailers across Britain which all want to sell British goods.

John Elliott, Chairman of Ebac has revealed the true scale of how much of our money makes its way back to the banks of overseas manufacturers.

Last year alone the UK imported more than 30% of its goods from overseas compared to less than 22% in 1960’s. This equates to more than £425 billion* being spent each year on goods made by overseas manufacturers, which are then imported into the UK and sold to UK shoppers.

Almost all the money spent on imported products will end up going back overseas with only a very small amount remaining in the UK to help support our own economic growth and create UK jobs. However, all monies generated from buying 100% British products remains inside the UK providing an uplift to employment and to the British economy.

John Elliott said: “We are delighted with the support we have received from Clocktower, and indeed all of our retail partners. There seems to be a real appetite for a washing machine which is made right here in the UK.

“We should be prioritising buying British. If people vote with their wallets, they will help rebuild our own manufacturing industries along with an expanding potential for export. We all want to support a growing economy capable of providing quality jobs for ourselves and our children, all it takes is for us to spend our money on British made goods wherever possible.”

Clocktower’s owner, Tom Harvey, said: “We continually get asked by our customers for British made appliances and I’m absolutely delighted to have secured this partnership with Ebac and being able to now supply these great quality washing machines is fantastic.

“As well as running my business I’m also a local Councillor and, of course, the Brexit vote has brought the issue of where we get things from to the forefront of many more people’s minds. We’ve sold Ebac dehumidifiers for the past 30 years so being able to now sell washing machines that are made just 80 miles up the road from our showroom is fantastic and plays a small part in supporting our world-class manufacturing capability here in the UK”
Pic caption: Tom Harvey owner of Clocktower



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Notes to editors: Ebac manufactures a growing range of electrical products for the home, which make life better. Founded in 1972, Ebac has been at the forefront of dehumidifier and water cooler manufacturing for more than 40 years and 20 years respectively, and is now expanding its range of products, and developed its facilities and team to move into home appliances in 2014.