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North West-based Alcedo Care Group launches complex care division

Fast growing Alcedo Care Group continues to expand with the launch of a dedicated new complex care division.

The award-winning North West-based home care provider has invested £250,000 in the new division which consolidates its existing service offering and enables it to provide an exceptional range of nurse-led clinical care services to patients in their home environment.

More acute and intensive, services provided by the complex care team include round-the-clock bedside nursing, the administration of complex medication or ventilators, treatment of patients with brain injuries, providing peg feeds and maintaining tracheostomy tubes.

Clare Murray from Liverpool takes the role of operations and quality manager for the new division and will seek to expand her team to 300 permanent employees by the end of December 2022, recruiting both internally and externally and appointing highly qualified nurses from across the North West.

Managing director at Alcedo Care Group, Andy Boardman, said: “With the continued increase in demand for the delivery of more acute care in the home environment, we took the opportunity to consolidate our service offering and establish a dedicated new complex care division. Providing an additional new revenue stream for the business, it has also enabled us to carve out a bit of niche for ourselves in the North West as very few other home care providers offer these intensive nurse-led services. The complex care division also offers additional opportunities for the continued professional development of our own team, with many of our existing carers excited about upskilling and developing into this area ensuring we become a real leading force in the delivery of high quality care services at home.”

The majority of demand for the new complex care service will come from NHS case managers and partnerships with Local Health Authorities. With an ever-increasing number of people being discharged from hospital back into the community with outstanding care requirements, there are many who would benefit from an individualised care service in the comfort of their own home.

Boardman continues: “Many individuals benefit greatly from having the one-to-one care and attention that our complex care at home service provides, something that they may struggle to receive in a multi-occupancy home. There are many proven benefits of being cared for at home in a safe, relaxing, comfortable and familiar environment and the service will also take further pressure off the NHS as is cheaper to care for patients at home rather than in hospital.”

Alcedo Care has already demonstrated considerable success. Expanding at pace, the company has opened six new offices in the last 12 months, taking its total to 11, and plans to open five more in the next six months. The addition of a complex care service offering will support and enhance Alcedo’s ambitious expansion plans.

Established in 2017, Alcedo Care offers Domiciliary Care Services, Live-in Care, Nurse-Led Complex Care Services, Supported Living and Children’s Services and has fast gained an enviable reputation as the home care provider of choice in the North West thanks to its superb 700-strong team of highly skilled and compassionate carers who make a tangible difference to the quality of life of the company’s home care clients.

Run by passionate husband and wife team, Andy and Jo Boardman, and with the support of their fantastic management team, the company is expanding at pace and aims to double in size over the next 12 months with the recruitment of more than 1,000 new carers.