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Penketh Group design financial planner’s HQ to bring top talent to Liverpool

Willson Grange office after new redesign

Workspace design specialist Penketh Group is helping to bring the best talent to Liverpool in the finance sector, after designing the headquarters for one of the largest financial planning businesses in the North West.

The Wirral-based company has completed the interior design for the three floors of Willson Grange’s headquarters, which is based in Princes Dock on the Liverpool waterfront. It will house 150 staff and includes a state-of-the-art training academy. This aims to attract and recruit the best people in the financial services sector from across the country.

To help attract and impress highly qualified potential staff, Penketh Group has created a modern and contemporary space, which consists of high-end facilities, furniture and equipment. It also includes fabrics, colours, and styles that challenge the expectation of a typical finance office.

Shelley Hatton, Penketh Group Workplace Designer, said: “The client needed a space to attract and recruit the best talent, which they can train up to the right level. But corporate offices in the finance sector are often thought of as being quite dull, so this was about challenging people’s expectations.

“I also wanted this project to stand out from the crowd,” she added. “The building is shared by several companies and has a central glazed atrium, which allows workers in all of the floors to get a look into everyone else’s office. The aim was for everyone in the building to see into Willson Grange and be impressed.

“We chose a contemporary design with a brave colour palette, incorporating pops of pink, yellow and blue to enhance the warm wood tones of the desking,” Shelley said. “We also used bright fabrics, bold colours and avoided dull colours like greys, and white desk tops.”

Willson Grange’s headquarters are spilt across several floors. This includes a large open-plan office on the fourth floor, with a series of personal offices where staff can work, collaborate and brainstorm. The second floor includes interview rooms, a board room, training room and the reception, while the third floor consists of furniture and facilities that allow staff to relax, eat and socialise. This includes meditation rooms, and breakout spaces with high tables and meeting booths. There’s also a kitchen and dining area with seating, tables and a breakfast island, as well as social spaces where staff can enjoy a game of table tennis or table football.

In addition to all this, Penketh Group selected local furniture designer Todd Hunter Davies to make and install a grand bespoke veneer reception unit. Consisting of handmade wooden paneling, this aims to create the right first impression as potential candidates arrive at the headquarters.

“We wanted to make the entrance as impressive as possible, setting the scene as soon as people come in,” Shelley said.

Penketh Group has chosen a range of seating to provide staff with “a choice of posture,” whether they want to work or relax, socialise or collaborate. This includes state-of-the-art Steelcase chairs for employees to work comfortably, and armchairs for them to unwind during their lunch breaks.

Shelley said: “This was about making staff feel comfortable. We want them to feel good, uplifted, happy and motivated when at work.”

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