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Print Company Looks to a Future of Sustainability

Fresh air, exercise and a chance to get away from computer screens and the pressures of the modern world.

That’s the thinking behind creating an eco-garden at the DCB headquarters in Trafford Park.

Sustainability is crucial to the DCB Group, who operate a trio of businesses consisting of a print management company, a creative and design agency and a print on demand company.

Their commitment to the environment is continuous and their recent development of an eco-garden on site at their Trafford park headquarters demonstrates this.

It will give the groups staff somewhere to enjoy the fresh air and time out of their busy schedules.

Finance manager Joanne Seaton is one of the driving forces behind the project and revealed that things are really set to take shape over the autumn.

She said:

“We have chosen the plot where we plan to do it and digging will begin this month.

“We have a team of nine people who will volunteer to help, prep, plant and maintain the garden. We will be planting a selection of bulbs that will flower in the spring, plus rose bushes, shrubs and some winter bedding plants – which we will replace in the spring.”

Victoria Hart, DCB group managing director said:

“It’s a brilliant idea. Not only will it be great for the environment, but we hope it will add to the wellbeing of our staff as the eco garden will become a place they can go to enjoy the wildlife and the plants and to relax. Joanne and her team are doing a fantastic job and I can’t wait to see it develop.”

The new eco-garden is part of a much bigger plan to reduce carbon emissions and make the necessary changes and investments to become more eco-friendlier overall. Together with an onsite environmental officer, the DCB group will look to reduce emissions and through a set of environmental objectives.
To achieve these objectives DCB have set targets for the reduction of unnecessary mileage by company vehicles as well as close monitoring and managing of energy use and targeting a reduction in our electricity, gas and water usage.

Finally, investments will continue to be made, for example a recent acquisition of machinery, a brand-new self-operating binding machine the Morgana 300XL PUR binder has allowed them to replace four machines with one rapidly reducing the energy needed.